Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

What will the wedding trends be in this new decade? Every engaged gal or even those far from that walk down the aisle are dying to know what will be hot in 2010. What are the hot new color combinations? Is it still OK to go for cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake? The one common thread amongst the trends for this year is creativity. One thing’s for sure, weddings this decade will be dripping with unique personality.

1. Hot color combination: Aqua and Chartreuse

The pairing of these two colors is a match made in matrimonial heaven. The blue-green hue of aqua evokes a sense of calm and its versatility and pairs well with virtually every color. Mix it up with an eye-catching color of chartreuse, that needs its own pronunciation guide (shahr_trooz) and you have a combination that’s sure to silence any critic. When pairing these two, be careful to use the dominant chartreuse in moderation, as it can very easily make you feel like you’re stuck in a bad 70’s movie. If you can pull it off, however, your affair will be the one your girlfriends aim to top.

2. Location: Ditch the Hall

Banquet halls and hotels are notorious for their rules and policies that will give any bride a major headache. This year, brides will opt for non-traditional venues that will allow for more intimate celebrations with family and friends. Venues such as art spaces, museums, historic mansions and even family backyards are becoming popular and they can sometimes be less expensive. With these venues you can have more casual choices than you would in a stuffy banquet hall.

3. Down to Size: Smaller Wedding Parties

Second only to creativity as a theme in this year’s trend is intimacy. For most brides, gone are the days of 8-10 bridesmaids and countless ushers. If you chose to have a small wedding party, trust me no one will be offended. If they act like they are, hold off on the guilt knowing that they are secretly relieved that their only responsibility is to come and have a good time. With 3-4 in your wedding party, you can eliminate the headaches of in-fighting and splurge more on their gifts.

4. Variety is the Spice

Speaking of wedding parties, who says all of your bridesmaids have to look the same? Opting for variety in your bridesmaids attire is so in. There are several ways to go about this and still keep some uniformity. You can simply give them a color or a color family and have them choose an off the rack dress that they love. This can be easier on their pocket and they are sure to wear it again. Depending on your wedding party, you may want give them some guidelines, so you don’t end up with a miniskirt and a ball gown together in your wedding party.

5. Go vintage

Brides have always treasured heirloom pieces that they can wear on that special day. But in this decade, vintage doesn’t have to come from grandma. There are many vendors offering “vintage style” pieces, from jewelry, wedding gowns and décor. A vintage inspired wedding will remain timeless in your photo memories.

6. Buy Used: Recycled Wedding Dress

This trend might take a while to catch on, especially if you’re not into recycling or reusing. With TV shows like “Say yes to the dress” some of us can be disillusioned to think it’s perfectly OK to spend $10,000+ on a dress you only get to wear once. For some brides however, the perfect dress doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. There are many recent brides looking to recoup some of their investment by selling their used wedding dresses through brokers. A trip to the dry cleaning and minor alterations can leave you with a designer gown for half the price.

7. Who Made the Cake?

Ok, so cupcakes and dessert bars instead of the traditional wedding cake were all the rage for the past couple of years. Even though the hype may be dying down doesn’t mean brides are running back to the traditional, white, three- tiered cake. Remember, creativity and uniqueness will rule this decade. According to, recurring themes for 2010 include, ethnic characters, vintage, color, décor accents and eco-friendly.

8. Unique Cake Toppers

For brides who MUST have their traditional cake, there are still ways to give it your own personality. Cake toppers that match the couple’s personality are becoming more popular. Is your future husband a couch potato or calls the nearest golf course his second home? There’s a little porcelain groom for you. Almost every sport is represented in the groom category and some bride toppers also get in the action. Like the bat wielding wife waiting to receive a pitch from her husband. Even more comical are the cell phone fanatic couple and the groom standing next to a “still shopping” sign as a placeholder for his bride. The folks at Sumthin Blu weddings carry an extensive collection of these unique cake toppers.

9. Going Green

Eco-conscious couples will be going green even for their big day this decade. There are many ways to go green on your wedding day. Danielle Lessovitz of lists creative ways to have an eco-friendly wedding. From trimming the guest list, having your ceremony and reception at the same place to reduce the number of car trips and choosing caterers who serve up organic and locally grown food, it is easy to go green on your big day.

10. Cash is King

I saved this one for last because I’m sure this will stir up a lot of controversy. Expect couples to request cash in lieu of gifts this decade. With one of the worst economic crashes far from over, a financial cushion seems far more attractive than that coffee maker. To avoid raising too many eyebrows, you should be very clear and transparent on where the money is going. People are more willing to stuff your envelopes with cash if they know they are contributing to the down payment of a home and unlike Aunt Sally’s cow salt and pepper shaker, this is a gift that you’ll actually use.

Source by Boi-Yeanoh Adams