Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Walking Down the Aisle Solo

You may prefer that no one give you away! You may not have or be close to your parents or Father or may not have anyone you feel appropriate to walk you down. Having an intimate Hawaiian Beach wedding? Walking in solo is perfect when a smaller number of guests are attending your dream wedding in paradise.

Walking Down the Aisle Hand in Hand

Today many couples are opting to have destination weddings to keep costs down. Usually only close family and friends are in attendance. They do not want a big fanfare and walking down a flower aisle in the sand hand in hand is a very sweet touch. Great idea to capture more video footage as well!

Meeting Halfway

You both can meet halfway in the middle of the aisle! This will be a pretty unexpected way to start your walk down the aisle to the love of your life. Walking towards your partner can be very romantic and you can share a glass of wine, beer or even a kiss! Remember the rule is there are no rules!

Dancing In

Your entire wedding party, you and your partner can dance down the aisle to your favorite songs! This has been a popular idea among many modern wedding couples! And very fun! All the guests get into it as well by cheering, clapping and LOL! This is a great idea especially when your wedding video is being filmed!

Don’t Forget to Smile!

It can be daunting walking down the aisle with all eyes on you. The anticipation can be nerve-wracking and maybe you are just a really shy person. Take a few deep breaths and let go, relax. Keep your focus on your Groom, Broom or Partner up ahead. They will surely put a smile on your face!

Have All the Guests Hula Down the Aisle!

At our popular Hawaiian Luau Wedding Reception Venue, all the guests formed a hula line and danced to their seats and then the couple danced a hula with both their Mothers so all four of them walked down the aisle together! Now that’s unique! Like we say, only in Hawaii!

The planning of your Hawaiian destination wedding on Oahu, Kauai or Molokai can be unique and exciting. Whether you follow traditions or make up your own, it’s all about having fun and making your wedding memorable! Let me show you how easy and affordable it can be!

Source by Sharon Kalona Ortiz

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