Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

As I study and actively practice this dynamic as a life choice I continue to learn. Male chastity has been continually grouped into bondage and discipline leaving mainstream couples feeling extremely put off by the idea, totally. For the biggest part, this is a shame as the most important benefits from a male chastity relationship has nothing to do with bondage relationship or any of that. It has to do with the spark in your relationship, trust and dedication; non of which require being beaten or cheated on, or for that matter, a so-called mistress.

It requires the love you have for your partner and wanting her to recognize you belong to her, and that you have a constant reminder of that. Can you trust without it? Sure! But we wear wedding rings, engagement rings and promise rings; all so that everyone can see what are relationship status is. We also like the reminder to ourselves of being connected to our partner in their absence. There is truly no difference with the male chastity device. Men are dedicated to their partner and this is a constant reminder of exactly that.

Is it unreasonable to expect your partner to remain totally loyal to you without question, including masturbation? It is my opinion that women, in general, are much more loyal when they do not feel threatened or cheated on. Men, in general, think much less of surfing porn and self pleasure, robbing their partnered relationship, and resulting in ejaculating too frequently, alone with their selfish fantasy. If this occurs only once per week, then the couple has missed 52 sexual connections a year. By the way, men who resort to surfing porn and practice self pleasure are doing so far more often that just once a week!

Does it help to label this type of relationship ‘female led’? Maybe. Is it necessary? No. Simply said, your partner has control over your intimate life. Not your pursuit, but your reward; just as it was when you dated and found her irresistible. You waited until she said yes, and it was great! Back to ‘Why buy the cow…?’ Therein lies the problem. Male chastity washes out that attitude. Reason being, you are enjoying a state of chase for her attention as you did when dating with the added opportunity to be close.

So, is male chastity mainstream material? In a relationship that values trust, dedication and wonderful closeness, YES!

Source by Bobby Edwards