Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

What’s that you say? You made these cufflinks in less than 5 minutes for under £5?! We sure did! This quick and easy tutorial is the perfect Fathers Day gift or gifts for your groomsmen and it can be fully customised to their personality!
You can buy the blank cufflinks here:

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20 thoughts on “How To Make Cufflinks – The Perfect Fathers Day Gift!”
    1. I used a clear drying all purpose glue (Alene’s or even Mod Podge) for affixing the paper to the paper back, however something stronger like E6000 used for jewelry crafting to affix the decorated glass to the metal tray of the cuff link. For the latter apply the E6000 first to the metal tray with a brush then firmly push the decorated glass piece in and hold for a minute or two to get good adhesion.

  1. Great video
    But any specific kind of all purpose glue? I don’t want it to fall apart….

    1. @K. Miller Hi there! The glue that we were using was this one:–pack-of-12/kit03120 Hope that helps 🙂 Any all purpose glue should do the trick though! 

  2. Amazing video, Thanks for sharing this informative video. With the help of this video anyone can make Cufflinks Or simply place your order from GS-JJ.COM

  3. I found the cuff link blanks, but where did you get the right size piece of glass to put in it? Thanks!

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