Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Congratulations! You have asked your beautiful partner to marry you but now you are faced with the unenviable task of choosing the perfect engagement ring. Where do you even start when it comes to Jewellery shopping?

The most important thing you need to decide when choosing an engagement ring is…

Are you going to buy the engagement ring yourself and surprise her or are going to get her to help you. What is the best answer? That totally depends on your situation, if you feel confident that you know what her likes and dislikes are when it comes to her ring then go for it and make a decision yourself. If you are like most men and would have ‘no idea whatsoever’ when it comes to fashion and jewellery then maybe it is best to get your wife to be to give you a helping hand.

The main draw back to the later scenario is that you won’t have an engagement ring to give to her when you propose. The simply alternative would be to still give her something, maybe a cheap simple ring or a diamond that can become part of the ring once your fiancé help you with the design.

The next big decision is – are you going to get a handmade engagement ring or will you get the cheaper alternative of a mass produce cast. The mass produced rings are found at your big chain jewellery stores whilst the hand made option will require you to find a local jeweller that can custom make you a ring.

The best thing about a handmade ring is that it is a totally unique piece of jewelry and it is also custom made to your design requests. Yes it will cost a little more but if you are truly after a special ring then there really is not option. It has to be hand made.

The final thing left to do is find a jeweller or store that will hand make you your perfect wedding ring. A simple Google search that includes your local city is a great place to start. Contact them directly and don’t pretend that you know everything. Dealing with men who know nothing about jewellery is something they do everyday – they will be able to help you withal of the questions, no matter how silly they may be. You can even ask them about getting something to give our fiancé when you actually propose. Once again Congratulations and happy engagement ring shopping.

Source by Maya Wright