Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

As some of you may know we recently went and stayed with Sophie from the ever amazing Crown & Glory and there have been a lot of you that are pretty excited to see a little tour of where the Crown & Glory magic happens! So, here it is!

People in this vid:
Sophie from Crown & Glory (and her lovely fella Gareth!)
Emily from Fishee Designs
Megan from Briar Rose Blog

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6 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes at Crown & Glory HQ!”
  1. Aww it looks like you all had such an amazing time!
    This video is gorgeous, looks really professionally made! 

  2. Aweeeee girls!!!! I love this! this has made me smile massively! I LOVE the bit with Em and Lola under the blanket! Awwweeee I can’t wait to do this again! Love you guys! xxx

  3. Aww thanks guys! Glad you love it!! We really did have such an awesome time, something so lush about lots of bloggers and people in the industry being all together! xx

  4. Love it! Fantastic video! looking forward to see more.
    Ps. music – OMG! xxx

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